Needs Meme

Type “YOUR NAME needs” into Google and pull out the resulting declarations.

Jillian needs $57000
Jillian’s needs to do something besides her all alone, unrelenting mourning.
Jillian needs a place to store her personality while she’s in hibernation.
Jillian needs to get a card for Will Rainbow to thank him for helping us with.
computer stuff.
Jillian needs to report to meeting what time is good.
Jillian needs to talk Dorothy Lucy into showing us her stuff on this site.
Jillian needs to reassure him.
Jillian needs a snuggle.
Jillian’s needs a final count 5 days before the event
Jillian needs a fan club!
The doctors believe Jillian needs to rest.
Jillian needs help.


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