Yes No Maybe

So tomorrow I have a follow-up meeting with the magazine that was poking around a few weeks ago. I didn’t expect to hear from them until after the holidays. That’s what the EIC told me at the time. But now I’m going in to meet the managing editor.

It’s so flattering that they’re interested. It could be an amazing offer and a great career move. So why do I want to say nononononononono when someone tries to poach me? I guess I get really invested in what I’m doing. And I’m an egomaniac who believes her own press so I feel like my boss needs me. My boss does treat me really well, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

I keep telling myself not to get stressed about it. There’s no offer on the table. I’m sure they’re talking to a few people. Tomorrow afternoon I could leave their offices and they’ll look at each other and say: Well that was a big fat waste of time.

I’m telling my team I have a dentist appointment. I’m hoping my interview clothes don’t give me away. I’ve been pretty polished all week, just to throw them off.


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  1. You should be an East Berlin sleeper agent with that kind of fashion cunning. Building up clothing expectations over the course of a week so they won’t notice the day you go over the wall – that’s straight out of a Len Deighton novel.
    So you’ll have to let me know before you escape from there. I’ve been looking at some Project Management and Senior Business Analyst jobs in NYC from the Time Warner website (HBO and Turner) and could use some input on the corporation and the hiring process.


  2. No one has thrown me a good rope yet, so I’m still around for the time being. I’m happy to provide whatever insight I can. Each organization within TW works independently, so I’ll know most about AOL and CNN. Let me know what you’re looking at.


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