I’ve been doing a little mooning about how it’s cold and wet and windy here and that I want to go back to Hawaii RIGHT NOW. Obsessively watching Lost isn’t helping.

Tonight when I came home from work I opened the front door and Damon was standing there in his Hawaiian shirt and wearing red and yellow leis. He put a beach hat on my head and two fluffy leis around my neck and said, “Aloha! Welcome back to Hawaii.” Our hallway was lined with candles and at the end (in the doorway into the living room) was a glittery green and gold palm tree. When I parted the fronds and walked in, I saw what was making it sparkly. The whole room was filled with candles. The coffee table was gone and Damon had laid out bamboo mats and a bunch of colorful pillows. There’s a collection of tiki guys around the tv (including a bobble head) and — the funniest part — bright-colored puffy little paper fish surrounding our seating area.

He said that we never made it to a luau in Kauaii, so we were going to have one tonight. And we did!

We ate, we watched Lost, we looked at our newly-developed honeymoon photos. That’s not all we did, but I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Lucky, lucky girl. That’s me.


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  1. “You had me at ‘aloha.'”


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