Lovely day. We had brunch at Popover Cafe with Daniel and Rachel. Popover is a returning theme in my restaurant life, as I’ve become fixated with the pop art in a popover sandwich. It’s sauteed onions, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, gruyere cheese and russian dressing all packed inside a fluffy popover. The first few times I went there I noted the fruit cup on the menu. The Popover Cafe sells a fruit cup for, I think, $5.95. I rolled my eyes. Maybe on my third visit the table next to me ordered it. And it looked lucious. So I caved in and ordered one. And now I can’t go in without getting the $6 fruit cup. It’s a soup-sized bowl full of whatever fruit is the best that day. And many fruit cups later I can say I’ve never been dinged. No hard, tasteless melon lumps, no sour apples, no pithy orange. It’s worth it.

It was also nice to see Daniel and Rachel.


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  1. Why would you balk at such a price in Manhattan?


  2. Because she’s a Midwestern girl at heart.


  3. Whenever I’m in New York or London I just take it for granted that the prices will be outrageous, and it rolls right off my back.
    “$6 for a fruit cup? Okay.”
    “£10 for a five-mile train trip? Well, it’s your city…”


  4. I agree totally. Which in this case leads me to say, “This is my city and I refuse to go broke here.” And there are still plenty of New Yorkers who will roll their eyes at a $6 fruit cup.


  5. It’s so true. I made my coworkers laugh the other day when one of them mentioned something expensive and I said, “I have too much Ohio left in me to buy that.”


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