Home from London

As you may have guessed by the subject line, we made it onto the Friday flight.

I have a mental backlog of things to take up in the LJ. I haven’t even talked about the Westminster Dog Show yet. I fear the dog prom may have to slip away unrecorded.

And tonight won’t be a great night for writing either. As we were only there for two days there was no time for shopping, and so I didn’t bring anything back. Except food poisoning. Driving from London to Manchester, flying from Manchester to New York and getting home from Newark airport while burning with fever, staggering around dizzy and, oh yeah, barfing up everything that passed my lips, including sips of water and medicine is something that I’ll not soon forget.


2 responses to this post.

  1. they don’t call it “food poisoning” in England, just “food”.


  2. Yeah, my cousin says: I don’t see why people thing English food is so bad. I think it’s good.
    I say: He’s wrong.
    But I did like the mushy peas.


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