Today at work I tuned into a conversation happening in the hallway between Alyssa and Seth. I heard, “Jillian will know that.”

And I puffed up just a little bit. I’m definitely the odd person out, as everyone on staff is working on the magazine (or “book”) except for me. I mean, I write/edit one page.

So I’m thinking: This is great, they’re going to come to me for an answer for something. They respect me. They think I can be helpful to them.

As I’m straightening up in my chair, they walk into my office and Alyssa says, “Hey Jillian, is ‘Lost’ new tonight?”

And I know that I’m just a dork doing stuff on the internet.

But that’s okay. I did manage to slip in that I think Claire’s story had better be good, because I think she’s a real whiner.


2 responses to this post.

  1. If it makes you feel better, I’ve always thought of you as a dork doing stuff on the internet.
    No. Wait. That came out wrong.


  2. It does, actually. I like when people expect exactly what they’re going to get.


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