To celebrate my big day I have ordered FOUR sushi rolls for delivery. Because it’s my birthday and I want to stay home and drink wine and eat raw fish. Damon has a “dessert surprise” about which I am also excited.

Better than my birthday even was news that my friend S got into a grad program. She’s been sweating it hard, as she only applied to super competitive programs. But now she knows she’s got at least one option. The only one she hasn’t heard from yet is Columbia. I am, of course, holding out for Columbia. The other program, University of Arizona, is one of the best in the nation but it’s geographically undesirable (for me).


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hmm. Unless I miss my guess, I bumped into said friend at a movie recently and we joined each other in a beer.
    Which grad program did s/he get into?
    Your voicemail has your husband’s voice on it.


  2. Yes, it is indeed the same friend. She’s in at University of Arizona, and I am very proud of her.
    I know about the voicemail. I have phone issues…


  3. Happy Boss Day!


  4. Yay for S.!


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