It’s a rainy, overcast day. I’m part of a pretty small minority, I think, in that I like weather like this. If it goes long enough I’ll long for sunshine, but I can take lots of misty, damp before I feel discouraged. This only goes for days that are mild and still. Windy is my least favorite weather. But days like this feel gentle and peaceful to me.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m thinking about cleaning up my diet. I don’t have tons of bad habits, but the pasta party is way out of control. I’m going to try to break the habit with a two-week simple carb fast. That means pasta, bread, potato and fruit. But I’ll keep up my veggies, because I’m not crazy. Just giving up the nearly daily pasta would be a pretty radical change for me. I’m going to start that any minute now…


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  1. Current music: Lyle Lovett: I Can’t Love You Anymore
    Have you heard (or heard about) The Little Willies?
    I picked it up last night and rather like it.


  2. I have not. But I’ll look for them. Thanks for the tip!


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