I know you didn’t know I was gone, but I’m back!

I took a quick press trip this week. It was, for the most part, a bust. But I did get to spend a little time up to my knees in a pristine patch of the ocean. A lot happened, but I’m putting this ill-conceived trip behind me so I won’t burden anyone with details.

Now I am blissful because I am looking at a weekend with not a single commitment. I lost a lot of sleep this week and I may compensate by spending days in my pjs. I got home last night around midnight and I have vague memories of laying on the bed whimpering that I meant to get under the covers before I laid down and it was too late now that I was already prone. Damon did not respond, as my lateness meant he was exhausted too (I begged him to borrow a car and come get me at the airport because I was going to flip if I had to make small talk to one more stranger — including the car service driver.)

I feel much better now. And there is nothing sweeter than sitting her on my comfortable couch, Lost on the TV, laptop humming, and Zoe with one tiny foot resting on my forearm.


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