It’s after 4pm and I’m still in my pajamas. I’m sitting on the couch eating bread and butter and drinking mugs of milk while I burn my way through the Tivo backlog. Heaven. Next weekend we’ll have a friend visiting. I’m very excited for that, but it will not be as restful as the near-coma state I’ve attained today. The following weekend I’ll be heading down to Palm Springs. We have our national sales meeting there this year, and I’m going early so my mom can join me at the swanky hotel and hang for a bit before the work starts.

I wish I could share my bread and butter with you. I went to the farmers’ market yesterday and grabbed a loaf of fresh-baked organic sourdough bread. So delicious.

Everyone wins the day I go to the market. I’ve been having fun by going through Gourmet and adapting recipes to be a) vegetarian, b) pregnancy friendly, c) do-able with the gear we own.
Last night I made the most delicious Greek salad. Here’s what you do:
Dump a can of garbanzo beans into a big bowl (reserving a small handful), add olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, sugar, oregano and pepper. Take a potato masher to it until it’s creamy/textured.
Take a pita and throw it in the oven to toast.
Once the pita has toasted, spread it thickly with the hummus mixture. Over the top goes chopped romaine, halved grape tomatoes, thinly-sliced cucumber, halved kalamata olives, quartered artichoke hearts, and the rest of the garbanzo beans. Toss on a little more of the olive oil/lemon juice mixture (Did I mention to reserve some of that?) and you’re good to go.
The whole affair only took about 15 minutes and we couldn’t eat it fast enough.


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  1. MMMMMMM, that sounds good.


  2. MMMMMMM, that sounds good.


  3. MMMMMMM, that sounds good.


  4. MMMMMMM, that sounds good.


  5. MMMMMMM, that sounds good.


  6. MMMMMMM, that sounds good.


  7. And SO easy!


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