Sunday Dinner: Corn Grilled In Its Jacket

This should just be called Grilled Corn. No need to be fancy, Tyler Florence. Plus, is “in its jacket” British, like a jacket potato? Because really it should be called Grilled Mexican Corn.

Easy peasy recipe time. I have to make a confession, though. Or at least an admission. I steamed the corn in the microwave. I try to follow these recipes to the letter, but I am never going to knowingly jump through a bunch of hoops when I happen to know for sure (like Oprah for sure) that the best way to cook corn on the cob is in the microwave. Leave the husks and silks undisturbed so they will be tightly wrapped. Three ears for six minutes, and then let them stand for about a minute. You’re golden. The corn steams in the husk and is so, so nice. Plus, the silks slip right off, which is MAJOR when you’re making a lot of corn. And who makes a little corn? Everyone always wants more.

I picked up the recipe where you wrap the husks into little handles (very clever) and char it on the grill. I had some anxiety about putting on the mayo and cayenne. The corn looked so gorgeous, I was messing with perfection. Plus, mayonnaise? On corn? All that fear was for nothing, though. It’s just a little bit and it liquifies from the heat of the corn. It was wonderful. Such an easy way to dress up a summer staple. I adjusted down on the cayenne (toddlers) and up on the lime (because lime juice is awesome), but that’s personal preference.

A word of caution, though. I actually made the recipe again the next day. I can never leave a good thing alone. But we weren’t able to get really good corn — it was a little bit dry. It would have been okay (but not great) just steamed, but putting on the grill killed it dead. Chewy. Gross. Into the garbage.

Recipe #12: Grilled Corn In Its Jacket from


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