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We spent the night in our new aparment for the first time. That was after a two-hour closing that went, according to my lawyer, as smoothly as could be wished. I did what I was told, which I think helped. I had done enough reading ahead of time, so I wasn’t surprised by anything. There are lots of fees and they nick you for $500 here and $500 there. But that’s the way that goes, and you just suck it up if you want to buy.

So here we are with lots of work to do, and lots more money needing to be spent. I’m hoping we can get the living room painted this weekend. A nice green, I think.

Damon is out exploring the neighborhood and I’m holed up inside enjoying a brief bit of alone time. Everything has been positive, but I still have to have that time to myself. I get very surly when I don’t. Maybe I should rethink my desire to have kids.

But soon I’ll join Damon. And soon after that we’ll join my cousins, who are in for the weekend. Thank God they’re not staying with us. I love them, and hope they do next time. But right now finding a cup or a bar of soap is a production, so I’m glad we’re not looking after guests.


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  1. I still have to have that time to myself. I get very surly when I don’t. Maybe I should rethink my desire to have kids.
    You can always escape your kids by going into the bathroom…oh wait….um…nevermind.


  2. Congrats on your house.
    When I bought my house, before I went to the closing, my dad told me, “Son, when you come out of that closing, you’re going to feel like you got punched in the stomach. Don’t worry about that. Everyone gets that feeling.”
    I hate, hate, hate the entire real-estate industry. Buncha mooching money-grubbers, they are.


  3. Response Delayed Due to the Move
    Actually, I weathered the whole thing really well. In a bit of self-trickery I wired all the money to my lawyer beforehand and she wrote all the checks. So it didn’t feel quite so traumatic. It wasn’t cheaper, but it felt easier. I did a ton of research on buying a co-op so I knew what everything was and I just swept through it.
    That said, I wish I had all my money back.


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