Flight Log

I feel like I’ve got a lot of stories to tell and things to think on from this week, so maybe I’ll be breaking that into seperate entries. Right now I just need to relive my flight out to LA.

Monday afternoon I had a car pick me up at the office and take me and my colleague Mary out to JFK. We grabbed lunch at the airport and boarded. All good so far. I slept, I read, I watched many hours of Animal Planet (Song has digital television). As we get close to LA the flight takes a turn for the bumpy. No big deal. Then the pilot gives the flight attendants the order to strap in. I hate that, that’s when my comfort line is crossed.

The turbulence picks up, but I’ve felt worse. We’re in the clouds now, and I know that’s usually bumpy. The sky is dusky and reddish, and as I look idly out the window I see lightning… hit… the… plane. Now I know that lightning hits planes, and that it’s not terribly dangerous. But I’ve never watched lightning actually zap my flight. It hit the tip of the wing and zipped toward the body of the plane and then dissipated. I caught my breath and looked at the young woman next to me. She had been looking the other way and missed it. She was already scared, so I just went back to looking out the window — a little more intently now.

Next the flight attendant comes onto the intercom and reminds us to stay buckled up. Nothing unusual there. Then she says this:
Please remain in your seats with your seatbelts buckled. Do not unbuckle or stand up for any reason. Please make sure the area around your feet is clear. Passengers in the emergency aisles, please make sure that the exits to the doors and windows are not blocked by anything.

Everyone got busy shoving all their stuff as deep under their seats as they could. My heart was pounding, hands sweating. But I was also a little bit proud of myself because I don’t like to fly and this could be a time and place when I had a hard time thinking straight or even keeping composed. The plane was just silent, everyone was scared. As calmly as I could I fished around under the seat in front of me until I found my shoes. I figured if I was about to running through wreckage I’d better be shod. We all got rid of our blankets and got ready.

And then we landed just fine. The plane did a steep descent, and then as we got good and low the air really smoothed out. The last five minutes were totally uneventful and had a standard landing. There was a lot of nervous laughter and some shiny eyes, and that plane cleared in record time. So we had the record for scariest recent landing at LAX for about a day and a half until Jet Blue made their emergency landing last night. That had to SUCK to be on that plane.

Coming home was much better. Non-eventful, whatever kind of flight.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Stacey would Freak Out.
    In the deadly silence, you should have put your arms straight up in the air like you were on a roller coaster and yelled “wheeeeee!”
    If you’re going down, you might as well enjoy yourself.


  2. You’re a warped man.


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