Boys Don’t Cry

Every day I’m a little more checked out of AOL, as is currently made clear by my updating LJ — which I’ve never done from work before. To top it off, I’m actually working from home today. The cable guy is coming to install my new job present to myself — cable tv. We’ve gone 15 months without cable tv (which means no tv at all because we dont’ get reception) and high speed internet, but that ends today. The truth is that it hasn’t been so bad, but it will still be nice to be able to watch Animal Planet.

So I’m watching ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ as I type. I’m watching is at super low volume and keeping sort of distracted because that’s just about as much of this as I can take. I know how this story ends, and I know how it gets there and I don’t think I can watch it at full force. Last night we watched ‘The Laramie Project’ which is one of my favorite plays. But there’s a theme here and I’ll be more than ready to watch some ‘Little House on the Prairie’ once this one is over.


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  1. hahaha
    little house on the prairie comes on the hallmark channel for those that need their feel good dose


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