Sick. Blah. I’m not totally down for the count, but I’m down enough to sit on the couch, eat soup and shiver. Damon is being a lovely caretaker, as usual. He’s made two trips to the bodega tonight to find stuff to make me feel better.

Tomorrow night we’re once again taking a second crack at adopting a second cat. Remember the upstairs neighbor who got dragged out by the FBI? Well he had two cats. We met them, and the one was just too high strung to try to match her up with Zoe. But Kristen and Michael (who were trying to find them new homes) understandably didn’t want to split them up. That was almost a month ago. They think they’ve found a home for the tiny girl cat. Which means the big furry fatty is all ours if we can make him make Zoe love him. He’s just under 18 pounds with long black and white hair. And — get this — he’s a Hemmingway! That’s right! Six toes per foot! I don’t have photos of him yet, but am working on names. Up for consideration right now: Frank, Howard, Earnest. Feel free to cast your vote.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Up for consideration right now: Frank, Howard, Earnest.
    Those all seem too obvious for a Hemingway.
    How about Santiago?


  2. Why would Frank or Howard be obvious? I admit that Earnest is a play on both the author and the cat’s personality, but it’s hanging in there as the early favorite. Personally, I lean a bit toward Frank.


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