I’m bundled up on the couch channel surfing. I’ve pulled the plug on all planned activities for the day, including work. I’m most bummed about missing the concert we have tickets for. My friend Mary is singing English chorale music with the Manhattan Ensemble Chorus and they seem amazing.

I did manage to get something done today, which was to give my closet a good clean out. Damon’s going to be very excited when he sees the pile of clothes I have ready to go. Now I wish I had my Atlanta girlfriends here for a clothes swap because there’s some very nice stuff that I’ve worn enough times to make me want to wear something else. I bought about $200 worth of clothes online over the past few days to get me on the right foot for the Redbook gig.

And one thing that I still plan on doing tonight is picking up our new kitty to see how that goes. I’m still leaning toward Frank, but could change my mind when I see him more. Damon still likes Earnest, as does pretty much every person we ask, so I may be compelled to give in. I’m sure the poor guy is going to be so happy to get out of that apartment that he’ll gladly let us call him any old thing.

You know what I like to do when I’m sick? Play computer games. I’m deeply engaged in Neverwinter Nights today.


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