Kitty Update:

The new cat has been in the apartment since about 9 last night. He and Zoe have yet to meet, but I’m mightily encouraged by how neither of them seems to be the least bit stressed out about the other. There hasn’t even been any sniffing under the door. And they’ve both just been happily napping and getting petted in intervals.

Damon picked up some Bach Rescue Remedy and we’ve been putting it in their water. Now, I’ve heard of this stuff for a long time. But I admit that I’ve been skeptical that it would have that much impact. But it’s got to be having some sort of effect because these cats are spooky laid back right now. In just an hour or so we’ll meet and then I could be eating my words, but I’m feeling like this could really work.

Rachel is on her way to us right now and should be here in about an hour, and then we’ll open the door and let them meet at their leisure.

Damon’s completely in love with this guy and wants very much for him to be “his” cat since Zoe is pretty much fixed on me. Damon even spent the night in the guest room with him because he didn’t want him to be scared or loney. Silly, and yet my heart was just melting.

Milo and/or Miles has now emerged as name possibilities. I like “o” and Damon likes “es.”


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