I’m lolling around tonight in a post-Costco glow. Charles and I went out and joined yesterday. We even got two memberships for the price of one because we were both wearing left hand rings and the woman assumed we were married. Adn that was just the beginning of the joy. We shopped like we were stocking a bomb shelter. The highlight for me was 3 half gallons of organic milk for $7.50. One half gallon is $4.50 at the market around the corner, so this is a big score. I also benefit from shopping with Charles. It was that I would Costco shop in DC and then lose half my perishables to spoilage when Damon and I couldn’t bring ourselves to eat six pounds of apples in a few days. But now I have a partner and he and I went halves on many things.

After we got home I whipped up a Cincinnati chili feast and James and Charles came over for dinner. It was roundly praised and Damon has actually brought up his love for my chili a few times today. As a vegetarian feeding tvp to a meat eater, I’m flush with victory.

So today I’m eating and lounging, lounging and eating. Damon’s watching a movie called “The Pawnbroker” which stars Rod Steiger. It looks utterly boring, so I’m just tuning it out and waiting for it to end. Oh, which it just did. Thank goodness. It was full of aggressive 1970s horn music and I’ve heard more than enough of that. Now I’ve made the mistake of asking a small question about it and Damon is telling me the entire plot as I type. At least he’s easier to listen to than the horns.

Tomorrow my whole team is going to the Star Jones shoot and I am not. My boss is starting to cut me out of stuff since I’m leaving. I’m happy to hand off as much work as possible as quickly as possible. I’m not getting a break between jobs so I might as well get in some goofing off where I can. The only sad thing about tomorrow is that I can’t just duck out when they leave at 1. Primarily because I should stick around and hold down the fort. But also because Damon and I are going to a book discussion and signing at 7 downtown, so there’s no point in going home before.

James Frey, author of ‘A Million Little Pieces,’ is who were going to see. We’ve both read it within the last few weeks and it is harrowing. I’m eager to get a look at this guy and hear what he has to say now.

I’ve moved on to reading ‘Horse Heaven’ by Jane Smiley. I picked that up when we went and saw her give a reading a few months ago.


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I made Cinci Chili yesterday, too (with meat). It must have been one of “those” sort of days in NY and Atlanta.


  2. costco IS great fun.
    We are attempting to buy a house now with some friends who share our love of warehouse clubs. It should be….expensive, but it should also be much less with the wasteful.


  3. So are you and your friends going to live in the same house?


  4. When I say house, it might be fair to also say we are looking at 3000+ square feet
    and yes. The house that we just attempted(failed) to contract was a five bedroom 1920’s craftsman with a basement apartment. We would never have to see one another if we didnt wanna. 🙂


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