With the Greatest of Ease

Is anyone who knows him surprised that Damon was teacher’s pet at the NY Trapeze School yesterday?

In the time it took me to get comfortable in my chair (feet on the ground for me, thanks) Damon was high above, swinging by his knees. He also did multiple flips into the net and made me clutch my hat to my head by accepting the invitation of the instructor to try a few catches. Of course he landed them all, each time swooping backward off his trapeze and grabbing hands with the teacher who had swung out to meet him. The instructor followed us out saying, “Man, you should really come back.”

So we both win. He’s circus performer material. And I’m an ace wife who cooks up really good birthday surprises.

I tried to get photos but all I could capture was a blur whizzing by far far above my head.


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  1. Wow. Great gift!


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