I know I am not supposed to wish my life away. But I really wish it were 24 hours from now. Because 12 hours from now I will be in a work meeting that’s scaring me. I don’t normally get all scaredy cat before meetings, but we’re going to ask a very very senior executive for lots of stuff and my boss is afraid she’s going to eat our lunch. So my boss is very nervous. And she really needs me to be uber impressive. And it’s making my hands sweat. This exec is famous for, among other things, asking highly specific and pointed questions until she finally stumps you and then watches you wither and die.

In 12 hours I’ll be in the meeting. But in 24 hours it will be over.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Don’t run when you’re not being chased.
    You da’ man you da’ man you da’ man.


  2. No, no. YOU da’ man.
    Thank you for the consistently good advice and moral support.


  3. The secret to giving consistently good advice is to always give the same exact advice, over and over.
    Wait… that’s new advice, isn’t it. Crap.
    I’m glad to hear it went well. Is one of the new positions an engineer? If so, I can sit next to you and repeat my advice again and again, like a mantra.


  4. Have you ever considered pursuing a magazine career? I promise you’ll still get to use a computer. And I will never never send you to Wal Mart.


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