I was recently invited to the “Blue Bunny Ice Cream Garden Party at Tavern on the Green.”

My job is fun.

I went to said ice cream party today. Everyone was oh-so nice. But the big breaking news was this:
ice cream on a waffle

There were lots of ways to eat ice cream, including ice cream martinis and wontons with a lemon ice glaze
But I was drawn inexorably (admittedly with an ice cream martini in my hand) to a sweet, warm, baking smell. Belgian waffles. The waffle guy made me a fluffy waffle. Then I took it over to the ice cream bar where the ice cream guy let me pick from his many flavors (I went with Peanut Butter Panic) to top the waffle. Then I went to the topping bar, which was two banquet tables long. There were some things I couldn’t even identify, although I’ll take it on faith that they were edible. I opted for strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream.

I’m now here to break the news that ice cream waffles are really good!

I’m sure my former journalism professors would be glowing with pride if they could see me right now.


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  1. This summer, you and Damon should take a trip to the Jesey Shore, where a trip to the boardwalk isn’t complete without ice cream on a waffle. Wow. I do have fond memories of that from my childhood…..mmmmmmmmm….


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