I’ve been fairly absent lately, but with a 4-day weekend stretching out before me I’m hoping to catch up.

I love this early-morning feeling. It’s 8:45. Normally I’d be finishing up and about to walk out the door for work. And I don’t mind going to work. But today I’m sitting on the couch in my pjs watching a TiVo’d Daily Show with a sleepy cat at my side. I may go have a bowl of spaghetti soon.

Last weekend was lovely, but not restful. Friday night Damon and I took a Chinatown bus to DC to spend the weekend with our friends Geoff and Lisa. They’ve got a 4-month-old son, Andrew, and we wanted to take a look at him. He really is a handsome boy, and apparently quite big for his age — 17 pounds. He’s got big wandering eyes and kicky legs. I liked how whenever you meet his eyes and talk to him he responds with a big, gummy smile. I don’t know if all babies that age will do that, but I got a big kick out of it. He wasn’t old enough to have any fear of strangers, so he contentedly let me and Damon tote him around. I was a little taken aback how he would make these sort of complaining noises any time we weren’t giving him direct attention. That got a little exhausting. It’s a good thing they sleep a lot.


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