Shakes Fist at Sky

The heavens have conspired against us and we’re snowed in. Normally, this would be delightful news. But I’m anxious about our cat in Tennessee while we watch the flakes fall in New York. I know that odds are dramatically in favor of her being fine. We left her a small mountain of food and a trough of water. But four days is always my outside limit for leaving her, and this will put us at five. So, spare a good thought for my senior kitty. Also, tomorrow’s flights are, unsurprisingly, all jacked up because of the winter storm cancellations today. So travel will eat a big chunk of my work day, and I’m already feeling severely behind.

I am now reminding myself to be grateful that Delta cancelled early enough that we weren’t already en route to the airport. Stranded with dear friends is better than stranded in concourse D. I’m also grateful that I get a second whack at my all-time favorite dinner delivery from Nam Thai.

Alden is sick, poor puppy. He’s got a fever hovering around 100 and no less than five teeth breaking through — four of them molars. All things considered, he’s been remarkably cheery. But he’s a tough taskmaster. He’s thisclose to walking — just clinging to one adult finger as he trundles around. So pretty much 24/7, including all through the night, he likes to get my attention by any means necessary and then issue the demand, “Walk!” And then we walkwalkwalkwalk around.

The flight hoo ha tomorrow also means we’re going to miss the inauguration. I’m taking comfort in the assumption that the coverage will get lots of replay. But we’re still both pretty disappointed.


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  1. If you have Directtv you can program it from the internet to record the inauguration, you know.


  2. If you have Directtv you can program it from the internet to record the inauguration, you know.


  3. I’m sad to say I have no Direct TV. The good news is that I think we can have the car service pick us up at 12:15, so we’ll see the swearing in right before we go.


  4. You can also do that with TiVo. Man, I dig technology.


  5. No kidding. I have, and love, TiVo. I will cruise their web site for instructions.


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