January 20

The timing gods have smiled, and I think we’ll see the swearing in before our car service arrives. I am casting my former-journo critical thinking aside and giving myself over to the gladness of the day. I was so moved to see a black man walking up the steps to the White House this morning. And so thrilled that his skin color is icing on the cake of a savvy politician who was able to ignite hope in a scared and angry population. I am confident he will disappoint me sometimes. He already has (shut up, Rick Warren). But he can’t possibly disappoint me as much as the current administration has. So I’m feeling good.

In other news, Alden has really enjoyed his trip to see Uncles James and Charles

The let him have as many tissues as he wants.

(He does not know how to blow his nose. He makes motorboat sounds to approximate a process he doesn’t understand.)

Remember when everyone went crazy about the nine-year-old alone on the subway? Alden says, “What took you so long, dude?”


2 responses to this post.

  1. That last picture: HA! I love it.


  2. That last picture: HA! I love it.


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