New York

Our flight to LaGuardia was scheduled to leave Knoxville at 5-ish on Thursday. Damon was on his way to the office, bags and baby in the car, when I got an automated call from Delta telling me our flight was cancelled. I called the reservation office and said, “WTF? The weather is fine now.” And the Delta agent said, “Well… there’s just a little trouble with a plane.” So I re-booked us on a flight that got us in a few hours later, courtesy of a layover. It wasn’t until we got to the airport that the news broke over my Blackberry and I said to Damon, “Well, it seems our flight was cancelled because there’s a plane in the Hudson.” What a great story, though. I am happy to jump on the bandwagon of Scully love. I assume the networks are looking at him now as a possible aviation expert. I’m delighted he’ll have that option, should it appeal to him.

I had some business in the city on Friday, and we decided that we’d take the three-day weekend. It’s been such a joy. We’re staying with some of our dearest friends and hitting a few of our favorite places. Yesterday we went back to our old apartment building where one of our friends held an open house for us. The parents in the building usually meet in someone’s apartment once a month to catch up and let the kids play. That was primarily the group who showed up and so it was like a reunion. I always loved that day and was filled with nostalgia to experience it again. Babies and kids were tumbling out of every doorway and the floor and chairs were filled with good friends. I’m trying to focus on the lucky truth that my work will allow me periodic visits with these people and less on how much I miss them. One of the kids in attendance, the oldest and a boy, is five or six and Alden worshipped him just like he did when we lived there. Of course this boy didn’t have a lot of interest in Alden, but he’s gentle and patient so he also didn’t mind Alden’s constant presence. If I wanted my kid, all I had to do was look for this much-taller boy. Sometimes they were playing side by side, Alden absolutely mushed up against him. The boy doing a puzzle. Alden banging a plastic hammer on the ground. Sometimes the boy would sit down and Alden would wiggle backwards on his behind until they were sitting back to back. I love that kid. Both kids.

One other nice thing about being in New York this weekend. Snow!


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