The Longest Week

The best indicator of the extreme suck of this work week is that yesterday Damon called me at lunchtime to tell me that he’d booked me in for monthly pre- and post- natal massages. Normally he is pretty impervious to my grumbling, so I must have been quite a sight. I do know I’d started to get hoarse from the constant tension in my throat. I won’t bore you with all the details (as if this isn’t boring already). This work week needs to end.

I got some instant perspective this morning, though. My friend Karen’s house was hit by lightning last night and caught fire. Everyone got out safely and the fire department was quick and thorough. But they’ll still be in temporary housing for a few months.

Alden went to bed tonight in girlie pajamas. I ordered them online from while in a research meeting. Having one eye on the Power Point and one eye on my laptop led me to mistake flowers for dots. But by god I bought them and now he’s going to wear them. He looks pretty cute.

I’ve been a spendy spender lately. Last night we went to Target to get a baby pool float and walked out $200 lighter. I can’t stop buying baby stuff. I think, if I may analyze myself for a moment, that I’m doubling up on the experience I wanted to have when Alden was born. Buying wee onesies; folding and arranging; finding and hanging precious prints and mobiles. That all slipped out of my grasp when our apartment flooded and we wound up living out of suitcases through the end of my pregnancy and Alden’s first few months. Now we live in house that is one picket fence shy of being a cliche and I’m going to make the most of it.

Still, I need to get a grip. My self indulgence budget is not unlimited.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Dooce has an extremely cute mobile. I think you need it badlike.


  2. Dooce has an extremely cute mobile. I think you need it badlike.


  3. I saw that! Gorgeous!
    I have this mobile hanging over Alden’s bed:
    I don’t have Dooce’s decorating budget, but her nursery stuff is truly tempting.


  4. I don’t know anybody who has her budget for anything, but I’m thinking about painting some little sheep like that inside of wherever I eventually end up storing all of my yarn.


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