Tis the Night Before Christmas

Sitting here on my last afternoon at my Mom’s house.

We’re off to my cousin Lisa’s tonight. I want to go in theory, but not in practice. My stepdad Jerry keeps the apartment chilly, which makes it hard to get willing to get into the shower.

Here’s an interesting question:

Last night I was trying on my new clothes (we exchanged gifts yesterday). Jerry had gone to bed. So once he left, I started just changing from one outfit to another in the living room. And Damon and my Mom just freaked out. They couldn’t believe I would change my clothes in front of both of them at the same time. They acted like two little schoolgirls, they were so chagrined. Damon actually left the room.

I’m battling this constant state of nervousness. I think work and Damon’s arrival (even though that’s a very positive thing for me) have just wrecked my peace of mind. I feel like I could stand to take tranquilizers, and I don’t often feel that way. I’m assuming this will fade.

We’re leaving tomorrow morning to spend a few days with Damon’s family. I’m looking forward to that in that I think less will be required of me than is here. But it will work out however it works out. They’re pretty sweet.


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