Anticipation in the air this afternoon — I’ve baked my first cheesecake. It’s a banana cheesecake. I found the recipe in my Jane Fonda cookbook. But I added all the fat back in, so it should be good. People (unless they do one or both) don’t understand that cooking and baking are different. I’m great on the range, but I’m iffier below in the oven. Before Christmas I tried an amber pie, and it was a total wash. But I got an oven thermometer to combat our ancient, dodgy appliance. Whether or not that worked we’ll see in just a few hours.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I didn’t even know baking was something one does with cheesecakes.


  2. I don’t know what an amber pie is, unless it’s just a yellow pie, but that doesn’t help nail down the flavor.
    I tried making cheese straws for my Christmas Eve thing, and got a recipe off the internet. They were horrible. Inedible. Naturally I didn’t throw them away, because I keep thinking that once they age a few hours (or two weeks) they’ll taste better. I just need a new recipe, I think. Or someone else to make them for me.


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