New York and Back

Good God.

I went off to New York last night for a party with the Time Inc. folks. We had a room rented at the back of the bar at the W on Times Square.

It all gets a little hazy after that.

But I know I carried myself pretty well in that I did not flash the bar, show everyone my panties, cry hysterically or sleep with married coworker.

The former editor in chief of Maxim was there, and he spent a lot of time and charisma trying to get me to answer questions like, “Tell me about your first one night stand… What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done sexually?” He got more out of me than I should have allowed, but not as much as he wanted. And I certainly didn’t tell him anything as compromising as the stuff he told me.

It was really really really fun.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey There!
    I just discovered you had added me to your “friends” list! Thank you, Dear.
    I was just thinking about you and Amy Barratt yesterday.
    Ghoulie Girl introduced me to this place and I love it. I should have done this long ago. Skip is having fun saying, “I’ve been telling you for years that you needed a ‘blog.” 🙂
    So Damon just turned 30? Our number 3 child turns 30 in September. Number 6 just turned 22. It’s funny working with all of these people who are, literally, young enough to be my children. I wonder what it will be like when I’m working with people who are the same ages as the grand children; I hope it’s as much fun.
    Thanks for letting me know you’re here.
    Actually, you’re *there, in the area where I grew up. I lived in Falls Church, VA until I went to college. Small world….
    Fierce hugs, Josie


  2. How cool is it to have a job where you’re zipped off to NYC for a private party in backrooms, with movers and shakers? I’d like that life. I am so missing out….


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