Working Weirdness

So we’re slowly but surely ticking along in our big plan to take over Manhattan media (at least online). And it’s getting awfully uncomfortable.

It’s strange. I know (as well as anyone can) that my job is safe, that this is a massive opportunity… but the rest of my team isn’t faring as well and that sucks. It’s not remotely in my control. But in a few months I’ll be in Manhattan and I’ll think my new team members are fantastic and will be so happy to have them.

But this is the way it goes working in media. The only thing for sure is that everything will change. And that’s pretty exciting. Right now I’m going domestic… decorating, food… all the Martha Stewart-y stuff. Which is pretty hilarious. I’m also still in charge of Horoscopes, which is even more hilarious.

But right now I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop, and I feel utterly content. In two weeks I did: DC, NYC, DC, ATL, DC, NYC, DC, ATL, DC…. I’m BEAT. I actually sneaked out of my NYC trip for this week and no one has called me on it yet. I think Jody knows I need a week to hunker down. Next week will be Chicago and NYC, so I’ll get my rest while I can. All the traveling is just as cool as I hoped it would be, but I’m a little sleepier than I expected to be. And now I’m an excellent source of Manhattan hotel information.

And Damon gets home tonight. So I win.


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