Last Weekend

I’m so grateful to be diving into the weekend. The week did progressively get better, and today at work was downright fine. It’s difficult to get around that my boss pretty much determines my emotional temperature at the office. If she’s being rough with me, it’s hard for me to maintain equilibrium.

But now it’s Friday night. I did that thing where I ate an early dinner and fell asleep. And now it’s 12:30am and I’m fairly well awake. I did this same thing last weekend and wound up disoriented. So this time I’ll try to right my body clock in the morning.

I don’t have anything planned for the weekend except cleaning up in preparation for Damon’s arrival. I don’t pretend that the apartment will be a showplace by Sunday night, but it will be tidy and welcoming. I’m happy and relieved he’ll finally be home. But I’m also bracing myself for the radical change in my lifestyle. I subside into silence deeply and easily when I’m alone and it’s always startling when I’m pulled back into noise and action that I didn’t instigate.

Here’s a foolish thought: I saw an ad for an adults-only haunted house this weekend, and I want to go. It’s not adults-only in the XXX sense, just, I guess, very scary. And since I’m the kind of person who can’t bear to watch horror movies because my ability to suspend disbelief is so strong…. Makes perfect sense. I’m just curious. Maybe I’ll see if I can get someone to go on Sunday night so that Damon will be there in the wee hours and he can peel me off the ceiling if needed.

I’m watching I, Claudius. I’ve always loved this, but did I never notice before how this series borders on mysogyny? There’s not a single powerful woman in this series who isn’t utterly corrupt and evil. The best woman is — brace yourself — a hooker with a heart of gold.

What I’m watching: I, Claudius part 5
What I’m reading: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne


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  1. I dont watch scarey movies because if i go to bed then there is a boogyman waiting to get me as soon as i turn out the lights. But i have gone to some pretty scarey haunted houses and come back in wonderment because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt after you leave that it is over.
    My scarey haunted house experience was with a guy dressed like the bad guy from scream. He had a very sharp real looking knife and i could never be sure if he was part of the cast or not. he was terribly impressive in the way that he moved.
    But when i left the building, it was okay again.


  2. My scariest haunted house experience was when I was living in Cincinnati and working for the newspaper. The paper sent me to go through all the local haunted houses in one night and rate them. There was an independent movie being filmed in town, so I took the makeup, costume and special effects people with me to help me judge. I had to reveal to all the haunted houses that I was from the paper, because the only way I could get through all of them in one night was to not have to wait in line, so I made appointments with all of them. Which, of course, meant they were really ready when we went through. We always got stopped “Just for a minute” at the beginning and I knew word was going down the line to really unleash on our little crew for the sake of a good review.
    Well one of the managers was particularly smart, in that he must have stood around listening to us talk just long enough to hear my call the costume lady by her name — Casey. She was actually this young, petite blonde — perfect haunted house fodder. So when we went through, this guy who was dressed like he was some wandering serial killer crept up behind up and kept whispering her name. It was AWFUL. I thought she was going to cry she was so freaked out. Brilliant. My skin was crawling for days.


  3. One of my favorite weekend things about New York use to be the repertory cinemas. Here’s the kind of thing that makes living in New York great. Forget DVD’s and TV – you get to see these movies in a darkened theatre on a big screen!
    I remember seeing “To Have and Have Not” at Cinema Village as a Freshman at NYU (to this day cannot imagine a sexier woman than Lauren Bacall) and all the Thin Man movies in one weekend, and one of the great loves of my life went with me on our first date to see Bringing Up Baby. As soon as damon gets up there, you guys need to check it out.
    Autumn in New York – I’m envious…


  4. I love that. I can’t wait for Damon to arrive. My friends here are a little bit jaded about what NY has to offer, so it’s actually difficult to get them off the generic bar/club/restaurant circuit.
    I hope this lovely crisp weather holds out for a while longer.


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