Tonight I had one of those weird flashes where I’m momentarily unrecognizable to myself. It was purely aesthetic. Emotionally, intellectually I’m where I usually sit.

Damon and I are watching episode after episode of Homicide: Season 4. I had to go to the bathroom and decided to rush rather than hit the pause button. So I ran down the hallway and did a Risky Business slide into the bathroom. As I flashed past the mirror I caught sight of my reflection. My cheeks were ruddy and my hair was hanging in a way it usually doesn’t, straight and across one cheek. The beer and the slide must have worked together to bring up the high color, as I’m usually pretty pale. I suddenly looked like those girls at parties who are loud and blowsy. 20 seconds later I walked past the mirror again and the face I always see looked back at me. Just that fast, I was back.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I believe the explanation lies in the Risky Business slide. For a few moments, it caused you to become a scientologist.


  2. There are fewer things I would less want to be, even for a few moments.


  3. Ah, then we’ve learned our lesson, haven’t we?
    No sliding in our underwear, it leads to ridiculous religious beliefs.
    Sliding fully-clothed, however, leads to a gold medal in the luge.


  4. I think I’ve got it now.


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