Woo Hoo!

It’s the weekend, and to that I say “Yes please!”

I just ate a piece of cake. I’m sitting on the couch watching the first season of ‘Friends’ on DVD. I win I win I win.

Damon comes home on Monday. I win again.

Jeff and I are going to IKEA and to see The Gates this weekend. Yet another win.

While I’m at IKEA I hope to find a big piece of art to go over the sofa. Or maybe something for over the bed. I’ll have to pick, since whatever I take goes home with me on the subway. Jeff is warning me that he can really dig in at IKEA, which makes me laugh. Like he can out-browse me. It would be nice to have something pretty when Damon gets here, a nice surprise.

I finished watching ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ earlier this evening. What a beautiful movie. I love our remodeled kitchen. But having a big old kitchen with things like grinding stones and huge kettles and open fires — I might never leave it.

I don’t often talk about work in this space other than to say “Crazy!” or whatever. But one of my areas is Health, and I read the most intersting thing today. A new 10-year study of marriage and health reveals:
— Women who hold their tongues to keep the peace are four times more likely to die than women who speak their minds.
— Men whose wives hate their jobs and frequently come home complaining about them have a 2.7 times higher incidence of heart disease than men whose wives are happy at work.

Maybe I’ll start throwing in other interesting nuggets. Here’s a mini: sports drinks and commercial lemonade are worse for your teeth than soda — they’re corrosive.

I wonder if what I need after my piece of cake is a bowl of spaghetti. They were just eating spaghetti on TV, which is pretty much all it takes to get me started. I wish I had some milk. I was greedy and drank it all right away.

And here’s an interesting news item. Yesterday my train was late and I was wondering what the deal was. I read in the paper this morning: Severed legs on the track. That will definitely slow down the line. No body in sight, mind you. Just the legs.


3 responses to this post.

  1. You’re going to IKEA? My IKEA? I bet I could put both you and this Jeff guy to shame.
    After reading your post, I want some chocolate chip cookies…


  2. And I thought no one took the train any longer, mmm . . . I guess the person whose legs were found on the track won’t be running to catch the morning train again huh ?


  3. Wow, if no one takes the train anymore I hate to think of how it was before. Because I ride home from work standing pressed against the door after relentlessly shoving my way onto the A train.
    But we do seem to be down one, as the owner of the legs is probably not taking up much space these days.


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