3… 2… 1…

Work is fixing to explode. Because I live in fear of being one of those bloggers whose journal mysteriously gets seen by a colleague, I won’t say more. But this time tomorrow things are going to have a dramatically different outlook. And I will tell more specifically as soon as I can.

I’m back from DC after another whirlwind trip down there for a meeting. I’ve started staying at the Sheraton. The upside is that the room service is much better than the Marriott and, more importantly, I’m adding up the hotel points again. On the down side, it’s an older hotel and a bit on the shabby side. Little things… they often forget to hang the robe in the closet, the carpet is pretty worn. It sounds petty, but luxuries mean a lot when you travel as much as I do for work.

I’m currently nestled into the couch and Damon and I are watching ‘Snatch.’ As usual, I can’t just do that, so I’m answering email and otherwise goofing off. Brad Pitt must work out 36 hours a day.

I’ve just found out that our April visitor slot will be filled after all, which keeps our once-a-month average in place. It’s not a home run because she’s staying only one night, and maybe none at all. But my friend Anne will be in New York for a few days and I plan to monopolize her as much as possible. I’ll bet I can get her drunk and make her sleep over.

My laptop is in the shop, finally. I’m biting the bullet, all for the love of getting my iPod to work. If it doesn’t work after this I’m going to freak freak freak out. I know Apple stuff is supposed to be super easy to use. But you know what, that’s a big lie.


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