The Birthday Hits Just Keep On Coming

Oh, electricrocket, you surely did make my day.

You may think I won’t read it. But I will. And the inscription is priceless.

One other nice thing, Damon’s mom and his sisters and brother called and sang Happy Birthday at 1,000 decibles into our voicemail. I love a loud, hearty birthday singer. And was really touched that they did it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve made it a few chapters in and my brain hurts. It’s really, really painful. But I must, and so I will.
    I think it will help if you have someone near you you can poke and say “listen to this!” I usually read it at work where I can’t do a little cathartic venting.
    Did you know the copyright to the lyrics to “Happy Birthday” are owned by your alma mater AOL Time Warner? I learned that listening to the Skepticality webcast the other day. Legally, you can hum it on the air, because the tune is public domain.
    Happy Birthday!


  2. Maybe I’ll call and read my favorite passages aloud to you.
    I knew Happy Birthday was owned, but I didn’t know it was in my old ‘hood. I would have taken advantage while I was there if I had known.


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