Turning the Tables

Ah, peace and quiet. All guests are gone, Damon’s at a performance, it’s just 7:30 and I’m already in my pajamas. I may very soon put the pasta pot on the stove.

And tomorrow, I’m off to Connecticut to watch Sasha and Jesse graduate, visit with their parents and – most importanly – see Sarah before she moves across the country. I have never, to my knowledge, been to Connecticut. So that’s a bonus as well.

I’m taking the Metro North train to New Haven and once there I plan to exhibit baby-like helplessness while other people deal with things like picking me up and showing me where I can sleep. I believe Sarah and I are sharing a hotel room, which would be perfection.

Tonight she’ll be watching the season finale of Lost so that we can natter over all the details. And for everyone who hated it, or even for everyone who has more nit picks than excitement: I don’t want to hear it.

Tomorrow’s looking to be an all-round fun day. I’m working from home, and I don’t anticipate that my coworkers will be burying me with emails as it’s the Friday of a holiday weekend. At noon the cat shrink gets here to take all our money and make our cats be friends. My friend Kari, who is a booker on CNN, called this afternoon to ask if Jeannie Moos could come out with a crew to document the doctor’s visit. I was tempted but ultimately said no because a) I don’t need the mental breakdown I’d have trying to get the apartment camera ready. (I can hear my Mom calling from Florida to ask why we still don’t have that picture hung.) and b) because I don’t want a camera guy getting in the way and making it hard for the doctor to get a real sense of the situation. Cats are so sensitive, they’d certainly be wigged out. And we need this to work.

So after work and doctor I’ll head down to Chelsea to have an early dinner with my friend Hope, who’s vising her Long Island family from Atlanta. And then I’m off to Grand Central.

I feel like I smell baked potatoes. I wish someone would bring me one.

I’m watching “Ringers: Lord of the Fans” which I picked up from Glenn5’s Netflix queue. It’s… interesting enough. I find it to be hyper-produced to the point that I’m getting an interesting history, but no real proximity to the fans and their lives. I’d love to see how some of them incorporate their fandom into everything else they do. I do love the guy who said his favorite character is “Gandorf.”


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