It’s On

Looks like all possibilities are locking into place and we’ll have Sasha and her college friend AND Bart Tuesday and Wednesday night. This will be a fun, weird little group.

The only rule I’ve laid down is that Wednesday night is the Lost finale and everyone in the apartment at the time has to either care deeply or pretend to care deeply. And everyone is required to cry with me if Charlie dies. Because I think I’m just about the only person who loves that guy.

And after the visits the fun doesn’t stop.

Friday afternoon our cat psychiatrist comes over to take all our money and fix our cats.

Saturday morning I plan to have breakfast with my friend Hope. Then I’m going to hop a train to Connecticut for Sasha and Jesse’s Wesleyan graduation where I’ll get to see Sarah, Alison and Joel. It will be delightful and I can’t wait.

I’ll have to poke around to find some graduation gifts and also run out and pick up some more groceries for the houseguests. At least we’ve still got cinnamon raisin bagels and garlic cream cheese. Mmmmmmmmm.


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