I worked a really long day yesterday. I was at home, which is really nice, but can also make it more likely that I’ll put in quite a bit more time. There’s just no big cue to stop, like riding home on the train. When I’m coming from the office, I won’t get back to working at home unless there’s something specific I wanted to work on. But at home I tend to just keep picking up one thing after another. Last night was particularly that way since Damon is out of town and so I had no distraction. Even Zoe was sleepy and tucked away.

So now as the end of this work day approached I ran utterly dry of patience. Nothing in particular was annoying. Just regular annoying. And yet… I’ve just had it. I find now, at home, that I feel a stab of irritation when the phone rings (even though I have no intention of answering) because yet another person is trying to get my attention. I was trying to look up a fun place for brunch in Soho with my friend Kari tomorrow and felt a powerful urge to slam my laptop into the coffee table when Google Maps took longer than I felt reasonable to load. I realized just an hour ago that the salon I’m going to tomorrow doesn’t take cash for tips and my first impulse was to think, “Well I guess their stupid policy cost my stylist $15! Because I am not going to go hunt down a cash machine in the morning.”

I think perhaps I will hibernate until I have to leave tomorrow.

After our fun brunch Kari we’ll be going to Century 21 to find me a fancy pants dress. I have a black tie event for work on Tuesday and nothing I own will work on my 4-months-pregnant body. My hope is that a perfect dress that will somehow fit me this time next year as well will magically appear. Because while I’m sure I’ll be more chipper tomorrow, buying a very fancy (and possibly more costly than I am currently hoping) dress I can wear only once is the kind of thing that can make me once again crabby.


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