Want to See Something Funny?

I regret that there is no photo here for you.

But you can always come over to our apartment, which has a sliding glass door out onto the porch. Alden has never seen one of those. He likes to booty scoot up to it and smack his palms into the glass. Tonight I walked up and slid the door open. He kept sticking his arms out with his hands flat like a little traffic copy, waving them around, looking for the glass. Then he’d leeeeeeean forward looking for the contact point. And wind up with his nose on the carpet between his knees.

House stuff continues apace. Our inspector says “termites.” Theirs says, “no termites.” Another guy is coming out tomorrow to get a handle on that. A different guy is coming out to give us a quote on putting flashing on the roof, which has never been done. A dead tree must come down and some other errant branches need to be trimmed back. Everything else is minor and we’ll handle it after we move in.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I covet your kitchen. That is all.


  2. I covet your kitchen. That is all.


  3. I covet your kitchen. That is all.


  4. Perhaps some day you can come and I will cook something for you!


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