I’m not going to look to see how long it’s been since I updated. I’m going through longer periods now than I ever have before where all my time is spoken for. That is not the complaint it sounds like, though. For example, Damon and I spent last weekend having a ball in New York. And if I didn’t have the job I do, that wouldn’t be as easy to do. So I work a lot, and then I try to have a great time when I’m free.

Also in this mix is knowing that Damon could be gone for months at a time for work. So when he’s around, he’s pretty much got my full attention when AOL doesn’t. And Monday night we start our tango classes. This is my birthday present from him, and it’s perfectly chosen. Not just because I like to dance and I like to learn and we can do it together, but because he’s such a good dancer that I know we’ll look great no matter how awful I am. When in dancing doubt I just sort of cling to him like a monkey and let him toss me around.

In just a few short hours Glenn5 will arrive at Dulles Airport and Damon and I will go scoop him up. He’s going to stay with us for a few days. He’s here to see his friend argue in front of the Supreme Court. I wish I had been able to take the day off and go too, but now is not the best time for that at work. Although I’m starting to suspect the best time doesn’t often arrive. So next time I’ll just jump ship. Anyway, I wish we had a guest room. But we’ve got two couches, so he can alternate if he gets bored.

It is unfortunately chilly again this weekend. I’m eager to get back out into the city. I know that many things I want to do are inside, but I’m being a little bit of a baby about it. I want to walk to everything, not drive. I had the revelation the other day that part of my problem is that I have jackets, not coats. That’s what seven years in Alanta will do. Brenda had to dress me in her clothes when I was in New York.

Speaking of New York, Damon, Brenda, Pierre and I went to see John’s show — Silent Laughter. It’s his first real-deal off B’Way show, with all the trimmings. And he’s got a lead. So he’s overjoyed, as he should be. And my fingers and toes are crossed that it runs and runs and runs. Plus Little Steven sat right behind us, which added a dash of NYC glamour.

It’s been so long since I’ve updated that I’m pinballing around, just noting things. It’s weird, though. I’m listening to music and I keep accidentally typing words that get punched in the song. I’ve moved from Proclaimers to Violent Femmes, so if this takes on a despairing note, it’s just me in lyric lock.

So maybe I’ll just wrap it up for now.


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  1. Is Little Steven related to Little Richard or Little Susie or Lil Bow-Wow?


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